Finally Meet Even The Most Difficult Challenge Whether It’s Improving Your Finances, Better Health, Closer Relationships, Or Losing Weight…

“Discover The Super Simple And Amazingly Effective Technique That Will Enable You To Quickly And Easily Eliminate Life Stifling Blockages And Go From Unbearable Frustration To Liberating Freedom, Even If You’re A Total Extrovert Or Have No Background In Psychology At All!...


“SCT is a powerful technique that can change your life forever”

SCT is a powerful technique that can change your life forever.  I wish EVERYONE could experience it, but I strongly urge anyone who feels “stuck” in achieving any goal to give it a try.  Dr. Slonim is brilliant, and makes the work fun!

~Patti Roisman
   Los Angeles

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Dr. Daphna Slonim - Board Certified Psychiatrist and Author



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Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question…

Are you in pain, poor health, or in a financial crisis?

Perhaps you’re in despair because your life is not as you pictured it would be.   Has a series of unexpected events have led you to where you are in your life right now and you’re stuck in a “ditch” with no idea how to get out?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading because what I’m about to share with you can turn your life around for the better.

Let’s face it, we’re living in one of the most challenging economic times in generations and you may not know how you’ll pay next month’s bills or have enough income to start saving. You don’t know where the money will come from, only that you don’t have it or know how to get it.

You may be talented, skilled and even celebrated for your gifts in life; yet where is your compensation? Where are the rewards that come with your talent?

Maybe you’re in relationships that never seem to go the right way. You end up on the short end of the stick, in pain, hurt, disappointed, and in despair over never finding the right fit. Finding a soul mate seems so easy for others,  yet you still may wonder “why not me?” 

Do you face physical challenges that seem like mountains impossible to scale? How about weight loss, “ill-ness” or even mental depression?  It seems the solution is so close but never quite gets here.

What is the solution to past circumstances that continue to haunt us – that continue to write our scripts for today and tomorrow without allowing new, more positive light to shine in?

A Simple, Yet Very Powerful Solution

Hello, my name is Dr. Daphna Slonim, MD.   I’ve spent my entire professional life working tirelessly toward the discovery of what allows some people get everything they want, to flourish financially, physically and emotionally, and to unlock the mystery of why others are unnecessarily held back from their own happiness and desires.

After years of clinical research, studying with the most renowned alternative and traditional practitioners, and with over two decades of formal education, I discovered the miracle of energy muscle testing, and created a proven solution to what has come to be known as “subconscious sabotage.”

We don’t mean to hold ourselves back.
We don’t intend to keep relationships at arm’s length.
We aren’t trying to deny ourselves financial freedom.
We can’t understand our poor health, or bad luck.

None of these things are intentionally created. Yet they are created, and they are created by each of us subconsciously.

Chances are, you’ve heard about the law of attraction, right?

You may have read several books and even attended seminars all in the name of “attracting the life of your dreams.”

But did any of them really work for you?

Did the “law” really do what it said it would in your life?

Are you getting everything you want?

Are you “sending out the energy” and putting in the work, but still beating your head against a wall?

If you’re like most people, you’re still frustrated and disappointed…

With so many self-help philosophies out there, it’s hard to know what really and truly works. We all want a better life. We all want more money, outstanding health, balanced, enriching relationships and to use our talents in the best way possible, and get paid handsomely for it!

But the BIG SECRET – the thing no one wants to tell you – is that if things aren’t coming your way, you DO have someone to blame.self help

You may not believe what I’m about to tell you but my experience with hundreds of clients over the last 35 years points to an unmistakable realization.  No one else may ever dare to tell you this but the very person standing in your way could very well be….


None of the self-help work you do, the hours of reading, the teleseminars, the workshops, the eBooks, will help you at all, unless you first erase the deeply held beliefs, memories or experiences that are holding you back.

This is what I call Subconscious Sabotage.

In other words, you may have undercurrents just beneath your conscious control giving you negative feelings and literally stopping you from achieving what you want most in life.

“So I’m sabotaging myself?,” you ask? I know this may sound impossible to believe but, truth be told, it’s absolutely true more often not. 

If in fact you ARE suffering from Subconscious Sabotage then you actually have a reason to be very excited because Now you can change your circumstances in an instant.

It’s true…

No matter who you’ve been around, what they’ve said or done to you, what messages this culture or any other has sent to you, what professional setbacks you’ve suffered, what physical manifestations have come to you as “illness” – it can ALL be “undone.”

But, there’s a catch: The only person who can change these things is you. Fortunately, the key to freeing yourself and changing your life for the better takes only minutes and is right there within your own physical body and being.

I’m going to let you in on a powerful secret.  The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind.  Not only that, the subconscious holds all the ‘recorded tapes’ of your memories.

The subconscious governs your “comfort zone” which is based on years of habits and impressions. It also contains “thermostats” set for a certain range of experiences that make you comfortable (including set points for money, relationships, social status, and health.) You may be familiar with the saying, “out of my league.”  The truth is you can’t help but attract a certain type of person when your thermostat is only set to a sub optimal temperature.

So, are you doomed to stay where you are?…  

Do you have a way out of your own social programming?…

There is a way out, but you need The Key that unlocks your subconscious.  You need to access your ‘database’, to the ‘recorded tapes’ of your subconscious, to the ‘software’ of your minds ‘operating system’.  

The next step is to erase traumas, to release suppressed negative emotions, so you can reset your thermostat to a higher setting. You must coordinate and align the big magnets in your subconscious basement so you attract the same things you are trying to attract with your much smaller conscious magnets.

By removing self-sabotaging feelings and beliefs, we open our lives up to a well of success, a

gulf stream of happiness and truly, anything we want.

“Thank you, Dr. Slonim, for your powerful ability to change lives through eliminating one’s self-sabotage”

For as long as I can remember, I have been afraid of heights.  I had the kind of fear that produced sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat and a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I refused to step near the edge of any scenic view whether it was a mountaintop or the roof of a skyscraper.  The top of third floor escalators gave me great pause.  Forget the window seat on an airplane!

After only one session of working with Dr. Slonim, I decided to test out my fears.  I found myself in a glass elevator.  Normally, I would face the door and cower until the ride was over, but this time I bravely faced out and enjoyed the view.  The fear symptoms were gone.

The next test was going to the new outdoor mall.  I was able to look down from three stories and again, no symptoms appeared.  Could it be that I truly was cured?

Months later I was lucky enough to be in Kagoshima, Japan. When I peered out of my hotel window, I saw the biggest, most grand Ferris wheel that I had ever seen.  It was quite spectacular with its display of changing lights. Without hesitation, I convinced my roommate that we needed to ride this Ferris wheel and enjoy the incredible view.  I had no fear riding the giant Ferris and that proved that my fears are gone at last and I can embrace life fully.

Thank you, Dr. Slonim, for your powerful ability to change lives through eliminating one’s self-sabotage.
~Billie Fischer
 Santa  Monica

While what frustrates you about your life seems governed by outside circumstances, the truth is that…

The Single Most Effective Solution Waits
Deep Inside You

What I’m about to share with you now will help you realize the reason why your life doesn’t reflect your efforts or wishes. 

The solution is actually easy AND inexpensive.

What if I told you that deep within your psychological history are embedded memories, feelings, beliefs, circumstances and relationships that have quite literally, prevented you from having everything you deserve?

And, what if those negative beliefs could be erased, like words and numbers on a chalkboard?

No one gets through life without negative thoughts, feelings and interactions. We have all faced incredibly challenging situations – either with other people, with our own bodies, our professions, with money, or with our relationships.

Progress Becomes Practically Effortless

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to bypass life’s’ hurdles and go on to have everything they want? Great things seem to come to them, seemingly without effort.  

Why is that?…

You are doing everything it takes to have what is rightfully yours, yet your rewards remain elusive – within arm’s reach but never in your grasp? Do you watch others succeed but find yourself continually in a state of “less” than you hoped for.  These are symptoms of subconscious sabotage.

I have created the Subconscious Correction Technique (SCT). While it may seem to work like a miracle it’s quite simple. Thousands of people have used SCT and have been astonished at how easy it was to do, and at how quickly their lives have changed as a result.

What is my Subconscious Correction Technique (SCT)?
Quite simply, SCT is the singular way to erase the blockages from the chalkboard of your subconscious mind, past experiences, negative emotions, limiting belief systems and unfulfilled dreams, and make way for all that you want in your life.

How do I know it works?
Apart from seeing your life start to shift and change in a multitude of positive ways, you will use simple muscle testing to diagnose and then test your results.

What will I learn?
SCT will teach you how to detect and remove subconscious sabotage.


“SCT Gives You That All Important Communication Link With Your Subconscious!”

SCT gives you access to your subconscious by means of your innate body/mind connection.  With SCT you can ‘interview’ your subconscious and gain the invaluable insights you need to bring about rapid positive change.

Until now, there was no way to have access to subconscious material other than long sessions of psychotherapy or psychoanalysis; sometimes lasting many years, and costing tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the majority of “normal” people who had no reason to even look for psychological help had no access at all to their subconscious material. Many never even suspected that life could be so much better once the sneaky enemy inside of them was removed.

Now you can finally control your life and achieve abundance, health, inner peace, great relationships, plus an energized, productive, and successful life.

Without SCT your subconscious can remain completely out of reach just beyond your awareness.   

There is no reason to go through life with less than you want. There is no reason to watch others have it all, while you subsist on crumbs.

SCT has helped people with a vast variety of issues.  Most of us don’t think we’re responsible for our own circumstances, and even if we do take responsibility, we don’t understand how we’ve played a role in creating them. Most importantly, most of us don’t know how easy it is to actually change everything – absolutely everything!

Believe it or not…

Subconscious Sabotage can make you fat

Subconscious Sabotage can make you poor

Subconscious Sabotage can make you lonely

Subconscious Sabotage can make you miserable

Subconscious Sabotage can prevent you from getting the fees from your work that you deserve.

Most people can’t imagine that their own bodies, the bodies they use every day, the bodies that keep them eating, sleeping, breathing and being – these same bodies hold every single “problem,” AND every single answer!

Wouldn’t you love to know how to use your body to get answers, and then continue to tap into this technique to answer questions like “what is my ideal weight?”, or “which vitamins are best for me to buy?”.

Now imagine having this tool to tackle more complex issues like your happiness, health, bank account, and relationships. By using SCT, you become your own oracle – a vehicle through which you know and understand every aspect of your being – without having to dig deeply into science.

Having access to your subconscious ‘software’ means nothing in life is off limits to you. You will no longer be in the dark, on the fringes, or unknowingly in pain.

Your past will never control your future again

“It was so simple, yet so powerful”

 “I worked with Dr. Slonim about 4 years ago. I was really frustrated with my work was struggling with serious financial problems. I had recently started my own business, a branding agency. Most of my clients paid me regularly, but occasionally I would get a client who would forfeit on payment. Steadily it went from $12,000 to $60,000 in unpaid invoices. I worked with Dr. Slonim using her Sabotage Correction Technique and removed my financial subconscious sabotage. It was so simple, yet so powerful. I saw results in the way I managed money immediately. Since working with Dr. Slonim, my business has grown at a steady pace, I work fewer hours, but for much more money and I’ve never had another client forfeit on paying me.”

 ~Julie Kim Zwissler

Torrance, California


My Simple Technique Works Like ‘White Magic’

In July 2010, at a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) sponsored seminar, I taught 34 European psychologists my groundbreaking SCT technique. First, as I expected, these conservative therapists were skeptical and very reluctant to believe my research or my discovery.

Here’s what happened…

When we began actually using muscle testing to diagnose and then practice SCT to remove sabotage, their jaws quite literally dropped. By the end of the seminar, they were riveted and ravenous for this information. They were impressed by the simplicity and the gentle power of SCT. Several of them approached me after my talk and said that my technique seemed to work like “white magic”.

The bottom line is not even skeptical scientists could deny live proof!

There are no smoke and mirrors, just a simple technique that works for everyone who uses it.

Not just one, not two, but patient after patient said to me they think this technique may have saved their life.  I began to think, “How can I let everyone experience this miracle?

I realized after all, “Who am I to withhold the life changing power of SCT?”

And that’s when I decided I needed to share my SCT Technique so I wrote my eBook guide called: “The First Key.


“Provided the powerful thrust that is enabling me to achieve many of my life’s goals”

 “Dr. Daphna Slonim’s Sabotage Correcting Techniques have not only unlocked my potential, but have provided the powerful thrust that is enabling me to achieve many of my life’s goals. Dr. Slonim’s extraordinary academic accomplishments, combined with her innate sensitivity and innovative perspectives, cut through to the heart of the matter. I am honored to have been Dr. Slonim’s student – her excellence and authenticity are palpable – and she shares her gift wholeheartedly.”

 ~Anna Marie Sanford

  Seattle, WA


 “Finally Control Your Own Destiny!”

Using SCT to align yourself with your Higher Self and the Source of all things, you will be enabled, in a simple way, to attract better things to you, better experiences, and better people. This is the answer to the bigger and better life you want.

This material is quick, deep, and lasting but not complex. It effects lasting change. It is easy to do. It takes only minutes at a time to complete.

But first, let me tell you what SCT does not require:

  • It does not require you to be psychologically oriented
  • It does not require you to have any psychological, business and/or other degree or experience…
  • It does not require you to be a certain age, have a certain level of education, or have exceptional skills or intelligence
  • It does not require any investment capital.
  • It does not require much investment of your time
  • It does not require any special training (other than learning the SCT Technique)
  • It does not require you to practice spirituality or meditation…
  • It does not require learning complicated formulas, rituals, or routines…

What, then, does it require?  All you need is the ability to read and absorb the material presented in my eBook guide, “The First Key:  How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage, and to follow my step-by-step directions.   

Once you actually use my technique and ‘test’ yourself the way I show you will know without a doubt that my technique really works! You will soon see that “testing” is a huge and important part of this process because it lets you gauge your progress. You may not fully understand this now but, believe me, you will when you read my eBook guide. All of this will make perfect sense.  Do it all, even if you’re a bit skeptical at first.  

 “The First Key is a multi-media, do-it-yourself eBook guide that not only explains why we inhibit our own progress in life, but spells out plainly and easily how to unlock the keys to our own happiness and success. From simple, every day goals to bigger, lifetime achievements, “The First Key is one of the only guidebook manuals on the market that shows you the miracles of change and abundance that exist within your own physical body.

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“Uncovers the deeply imbedded subconscious obstacles that often elude psychotherapy”

 “Dr. Daphna Slonim has worked with me on improving my chronic pain, as well as my sense of happiness and well-being, with incredible results. For years, I have been a seeker and have done psycho-therapy with a variety of therapists. They helped, but none so deeply and quickly as working with Dr. Slonim. Her unique approach cuts to the chase and rapidly uncovers the deeply imbedded subconscious obstacles that often elude psychotherapy. For over 20 years, I have suffered from chronic pain. Using her energetic process, we addressed this problem over the course of a month or so. My pain has been greatly alleviated I’ve noticed gradual, steady improvement after addressing an issue or obstacle. I am so grateful for the work she has done in developing this life-changing, yet simple, process.”

 ~Patricia Cieli

San Pedro, CA

You could be getting similar or even better results. All it takes is applying the simple, innovative Sabotage Correction Technique you’ll discover in “The First Key”.

I designed “The First Keyto be user friendly and straight forward. I call it “The First Key because it is the essential KEY you need to ‘unlock’ your success in any and every area of your life; mental, social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual.

 Everything you need to know to quickly and safely identify and remove Subconscious Sabotage is revealed in complete, step-by-step detail. Here’s an overview of what’s included in my comprehensive program…

Here’s What’s Inside “The First Key”

self improvement

I have laid out “The First Keyin three core Parts and a fourth Bonus Part I call ‘The Next Step’.

Part One – The Foundation: You’ll discover the connection between Subconscious Sabotage and Energy Muscle Testing. This is where I pull back the curtain and give you a crystal clear understanding of the enormous value of Energy Muscle Testing in identifying and removing Subconscious blockages. This is truly eye-opening.

Part Two- History and Theory:  Here’s where I give you a clear understanding of the ‘who” and the “what” behind the origins of my incredible ‘White Magic”.  You’ll begin to get a much deeper understanding of what makes you tick and how you can begin to use this new understanding to create your ideal life.  You’ll be shocked by the simplicity and effectiveness of these techniques.

Part Three – The Procedure: I give you the exact procedure and a step-by-step Guide to actually removing Subconscious Sabotage.  You’ll find out about BOTH the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of clearing your way and finally making massive success possible for yourself.  You’ll be shocked by the simplicity and effectiveness of these techniques

In Part Three, I give you the actual SCT ‘tools’ you need to interview and ‘examine’ every facet of your life – Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Social, and Financial. There’s really no way to describe how astonishing this process is – you’ll just have to experience how uplifting it is for yourself.

Part Four – Practical Applications of Energy Muscle Testing and Sabotage Correction Technique:  Here’s where you’ll find out how utterly practical and useful my approach actually is. I guide you through how to use Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) and Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) make your most life affirming decisions – large and small – in every area of your life. You’ll be fascinated and delighted with how flexible and effective my techniques are.  I also give you a glimpse into what I’m working on now and how you stand to benefit.

Without a doubt The First Keyis my labor of love.  In it, I’ve distilled my over 35 years of professional practice into 134 pages of practical, effective knowledge that you can put into action right away.

I’ve made The First Key  to be a multi media tool to have at your fingertips, to access the biggest answers in your life through your body, and to stop allowing old worn out messages of yesterday to influence your today’s. I link each key component of my technique to a demonstration video that ‘walks you through’ exactly how to do it.  I want you to be crystal clear on how to use my technique and my demonstration videos are almost like having a private consultation session with me.

My eBook guide, The First Key”, leads you to one of the easiest and quickest ways to “get through” blockages and be finished, once and for all, with challenges that may have hounded you for years.

“My life is finally, struggle free, happy and peaceful”…

“I was 32-years-old and recently finished treatment for breast cancer when I met Dr. Slonim. I was experiencing acute post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and depression since going through chemotherapy. Breast cancer was just one more trauma in a life filled with terror since I was four-years-old. I was a highly functioning, outgoing, successful business woman; few could imagine the demons that haunted me or the day-to-day fears and walls that surrounded me.

Eventually my survival techniques just led to broken and distant relationships, most notably with my parents. I spent almost 18 years in and out of therapy trying to find a way back to safe, emotionally intimate relations with my mother and father. I wasn’t trusting their love or support.

And then I met Dr. Slonim.

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her for an entire day. She began clearing my trauma’s, starting with my first memory at four-years-old. There were ample tears that day, but also ample relief. By the end of the day, I felt lighter and clearer. A subtle, but profound shift that was notable when I walked out the door to go to my car and for the first time in years wasn’t looking around like a vigilante making sure I wouldn’t be attacked. I wasn’t mentally running through the scenario of “what if?”

That day was the first day of a life without terror. That day was the first day of a life with emotional intimacy, confidence, safety and self-love.

Dr. Slonim’s work is so incredibly profound and yet the changes seem subtle at first. Until one day, just a year and a half later, I was living with my mother and father and realized I would be incredibly happy living with them under the same roof for the rest of my life, a notion that to friends who knew me in high-school or since, would’ve found impossible! I even work for my father now and love it, another notion that would have been impossible before. I’ve noticed that I no longer attract the same type of men in my life – the type that I couldn’t trust, that would never be capable of emotional intimacy. I haven’t experienced PTSD symptoms in quite some time. I felt strong and brave enough to move to a different state and start a new life and within two weeks, was more social in a brand new city than I had been in over six years in my previous city. I’m so calm and I used to be wound so tight, always bracing for impact. I’m 100% comfortable in my skin now and no longer identify with what it is to be a victim or a survivor. My identity is that of a passionate woman who is an artist, filled with love and compassion.

My life is finally, struggle free, happy and peaceful. There is not a doubt in my mind why: Dr. Slonim.”

~Alice Crisci
  Boulder, CO

self helpJust $29.95

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“I am enjoying my newfound happiness; my life has changed immeasurably”

 “When I first started working with Dr. Slonim, I was shocked to discover that I had subconscious sabotage to being happy, which was affecting every area of my life. Her technique is truly groundbreaking. Using her unique method, I have been able to pinpoint where the sabotage was and successfully remove it. We continue to work on issues as they arise and I use SCT as a regular tune-up. I am enjoying my newfound happiness; my life has changed immeasurably. I wholeheartedly recommend The First Key.”

~Michele R.
  West Hollywood, CA

You may be asking yourself, “Why will this work when nothing else has?”self help

That’s easy, let me explain…

Over 35 years in the making, it took me that long to formulate SCT in its simple and powerful format, now available to every single person. It took trial and error in my practice with hundreds of patients. It took numerous workshops and hundreds of courses attended to get small pieces of knowledge, put to trial with my patients, and then to take the knowledge, distill it, integrate the different components, and simplify it so it could be used by anyone without a psychological background. 

Seven Irresistible Reasons Why You NEED “The First Key” And My Subconscious Correction Technique (SCT):

  1. You will no longer sabotage your happiness therefore you become free to experience happiness.  As you vibrate at higher vibrations, you will attract people and experiences that are vibrating at the higher wavelength.  This will change your life for the better.
  2. As you continue using the SCT toward your personal health, you will remove subconscious sabotage that may be stopping you from exercising regularly and becoming physically fit. Weight loss will seem easy. Your body will become your own again, taken back from outside forces that never seemed to “heal,” soothe and sustain optimum health.
  3. As you use SCT to remove subconscious sabotage to emotional issues, you’ll be able to free yourself from negative emotions, hatred, anger and jealousy, and will be able to cultivate positive emotions like love, gratitude, hope, and joy. You will begin to enjoy a less stressed, exciting life. This is the life you’ve been dreaming about.
  4. As you use SCT to remove subconscious sabotage to mental issues, you’ll be able to be more focused, intellectually stimulated, better organized in your thinking, and more successful in your career. You’ll be able to be more creative which will lead to better and different opportunities. Life is going to change for you; this is only the beginning.
  5. As you use SCT to remove subconscious sabotage to spiritual issues, you’ll become more intuitive, more connected to Source, more compassionate, and able to achieve your resolutions to give more to the Highest Good. You’ll be able to connect with others in a spiritual way – in an everlasting way.
  6. As you use SCT to remove subconscious sabotage to all social issues, you’ll be able to improve your relationships with friends, find closer friendships with people who are compatible with you, more easily find a suitable life partner, and enjoy the social scene on a higher level.
  7. As you use SCT to remove subconscious sabotage for financial issues, you’ll be able to start attracting financial abundance to your life. You’ll be able to make better investments, to get yourself out of debt, and save more.  You’ll be much better able to find your ideal career path and be compensated for work that truly makes you happy. Work won’t seem like work because it’s uses your creativity and talents in the way the universe intended for you. Your gifts will no longer be wasted, but instead, utilized to great financial success.

Chances are you’ve bought books, audios, and videos about how to attract abundance. You’ve probably attended seminars and workshops and invested a lot of time and effort in your personal development and success. Yet, success comes and goes.

I can show you how to sustain your success and uncover and remove what’s holding you back from tapping into abundance.

self improvement $29.95

self help

After all, you ‘speak the language’. You get it. You understand the “laws of the universe.” But there is one thing you need to know.

The hardest part about any of this is that you don’t even know you’re in your own way. How could you? The “walls” around your subconscious are buried deep inside you – so uncovering and removing a blockage is almost impossible without targeted help.

How can you possibly advance when you are pushing on the gas pedal with one foot, with all your conscious efforts, by working hard and reading all the right manuals, while at the same time, unbeknownst to you, your other foot is forcefully stepping on the brake?

“The First Key” will change all of that!

60-Day “My Technique Will Work For You Or Get Your Money Back” Guarantee!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Grab your copy of “The First Key and start digging in. I think you’ll quickly see why this is just so exciting and gives you license to liberate all of your hidden talents and utilize them to advance the quality of your life.

But… if for ANY reason within 60 days you decide you’re not completely satisfied, then simply drop me an email and let me know and I will issue a prompt and courteous refund.

I stand behind “The First Key 100%.

This is more than a guarantee it’s my personal promise to you.

There’s no such thing as typical results when applying my technique because each of us progresses at our own pace and in our own direction. However, every single time I’ve shown someone how to do my technique, it’s been like that light bulb went off in their heads and it’s been a real joy to watch their eyes light up as I see them get it! 

So yes… I know for a fact this material can help you (and help you finally get what you want out of life) so I am definitely behind this and I’m confident you’ll be blown away too!

“Years Of Pain And Resentment Melted Away In Just Minutes”…

 “Dear Dr. Slonim,

I have never written to anyone I’ve bought a book from before but I had to stop and thank you for helping me.  I’ve just started using The First Key and it has already helped me more than I can express. Your book showed me how to get insight into a very emotionally painful episode that happened to me over forty years ago. I was following your technique when it hit me that years of pain and resentment had melted away in just minutes.

It’s like having a fresh start on life! Your grasp of the inner working of the mind/body connection is truly remarkable.

I can’t believe you’re charging so little for your eBook guide.  I’d gladly pay many times what you’re asking!

All I can say is thank you Dr Slonim.”

~David M.

Colesville, Maryland   

“OK Doctor Slonim, How Much For Your Life Lifting eBook Guide?”

How much is it worth to you to realize your full potential on all spheres: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and financial?

It’s priceless

Owning “The First Keyis the next best thing to having a personal one-on-one session with me.  I created “The First Keyspecifically to empower you to identify and remove life withering blockages without having to incur the expense of travel, lodging, and paying for my professional services. All of which – depending on where you live – could run into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a single visit with me.

Well I’m not going to charge you thousands of dollars…

You can relax because I’m not even going to charge you a hundred dollars…

The complete investment to take advantage of The First Key is a one-time $29.95.

Removing just one major subconscious sabotage blockage could be worth the price of this eBook guide many times over. Now you can remove everything in your way and leave the past behind you. Test how this program works, use it again and again, and experience how your life can change before your eyes. Share it with your friends. Show them the way. Lead others down the road to success through your own example.

It’s easy and it’s all inside you.

Once you have The Key… the kingdom is yours.

An amazing bargain, don’t you agree?


self help


self help

 Will You Turn Your Back On A Brighter Future When I’m Handing You The Keys To The Kingdom?

Let’s get brutally honest here… my eBook guide “The First Key is like owning the key to your own kingdom, anytime time you want it or need it.

You and I both know you need to be able to move past the blockages that hold you back from your innermost dreams and desires (yes, even your most cherished unfilled yearnings)..

Frankly, my technique breaks down the barrier between those who seem to have it all and those who can’t catch a break in life.

Once you follow the steps I lay out for you right before your eyes, you’ll be melting away subconscious blockages on command (and quickly) – or your money back.  

What’s gonna happen if you pass on my offer today?  I think we both know the answer to that – nothing is gonna change – tomorrow will be like today, and like the day before that.

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To Your Success,

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Daphna Slonim,  MD

PS –  I’m not just gonna show you how to do this – with the demonstrations I’m including you’ll be able to take the technique I reveal and easily melt blockages and make progress in no time at all… imagine, within a day or two, you could be well on your way to clearing your path to a new and more rewarding life!

PPS -  Even though I suspect you’ll never want to let this out of your grasp once you have seen it firsthand – hey, if you’re not happy then I’m not happy, which is why I’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund anytime you ask, within 60 days.

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